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Supplement to FTR #1111: Is Coronavirus A “Biological Warfare Psy-Op?”

In?FTR #1111, we covered disturbing evidence that the coronavirus outbreak in China is a "biological warfare psy-op," part of the destabilization of China. When we recorded the program, articles were ing in as the broadcast was being prepared. In our haste we neglected to include a very important section of a post by Joseph Mercola. Other key features of the post are in FTR #1111: Dr. Mercola noted that:?" . . . . As mentioned, a number of reports raise questions about the source of the 2019-nCoV [The Chinese coronavirus--D.E.]. For starters, a 2014 NPR article32 was rather prophetic. It discusses the October 2014 U.S. moratorium on experiments on coronaviruses like SARS and MERS, as well as influenza virus, that might make the viruses more pathogenic and/or easy to spread among humans. The ban came on the heels of? 'high-profile lab mishaps' at the CDC and 'extremely controversial flu experiments' in which the bird flu virus was engineered to bee more lethal and contagious between ferrets. The goal was to see if it could mutate and bee more lethal and contagious between humans, causing future pandemics. . . . However, for the past decade there have been red flags raised in the scientific munity about biosecurity breaches in high containment biological labs in the U.S. . . . The federal moratorium on lethal virus experiments in the U.S. was lifted at the end of December 2017,38 even though researchers announced in 2015 they had created a lab-created hybrid coronavirus similar to that of SARS that was capable of infecting both human airway cells and mice. . . ." In our haste we neglected to include a very important section of a post by Joseph Mercola. Other key features of the post are in FTR #1111: Read more »

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FTR #1110

MP3: FTR #1110

Lat-est Pro-grams Record-ed Are: FTR #1111 Update on the Alleged “Sui-cide” of Iris Chang and the Desta-bi-liza-tion of Chi-na (Audio only: the writ-ten descrip-tion will be avail-able present-ly) and FTR #1112 “Biowar-fare Psy-Op” Against Chi-na? Tem-po-rary audio file only, this pro-gram was record-ed live. The per-ma-nent audio file and the writ-ten descrip-tion will be avail-able present-ly.

Mr. Emory has how fin-ished and pub-lished AFA #39: “The World Will be Plunged into an Abyss . . . .”   Mr. Emory VERY much hopes lis-ten-ers and read-ers will close-ly exam-ine, record and dis-sem-i-nate this infor-ma-tion. It may well be what the Nazi future will look like, up to a point.

You can sub-scribe to the -ments made on pro-grams and posts–an excel-lent source of infor-ma-tion in, and of, itself HERE.

Dave Emory’s entire life-time of work is avail-able on a flash dri-ve that can be obtained here. The new dri-ve is a 32-giga-byte dri-ve that is cur-rent as of the pro-grams and arti-cles post-ed by ear-ly autumn of 2019.

Please con-sid-er sup-port-ing the WORK DAVE EMORY DOES.

As the title indi-cates, this pro-gram presents a pot-pour-ri of arti-cles cov-er-ing a num-ber of top-ics.

A -mon thread unit-ing them is the ongo-ing New Cold War and ele-ments fac-tor-ing in the impeach-ment pro-ceed-ings under-way in Wash-ing-ton. 

Reput-ed evi-dence of a new “hack” alleged-ly done by the G.R.U. does-n’t pass the sniffs test. 

Fac-tors to be weighed in con-nec-tion with the lat-est “hack” of the Ukrain-ian nat-ur-al gas -pa-ny Buris-ma (on whose board Hunter Biden sits–a fact that has been a focal point of the impeach-ment pro-ceed-ings):

  1. Blake Darche, co-founder and Chief Secu-ri-ty offi-cer of Area 1, the firm that “detect-ed” the lat-est “hack” has a strong past asso-ci-a-tion with Crowd-Strike, the firm that helped launch the New Cold War pro-pa-gan-da blitz about sup-posed Russ-ian hacks. Darche was a Prin-ci-pal Con-sul-tant at Crowd-Strike.
  2. Crowd-Strike, in turn, has strong links to the Atlantic Coun-cil, one of the think tanks that is part and par-cel to the Inter-mar-i-um Con-ti-nu-ity dis-cussed in FTR #‘s1098, 1099, 1100, 1101Dmitri Alper-ovitch, the -pa-ny’s co-founder and Chief Tech-nol-o-gy Offi-cer is a senior fel-low at the Atlantic Coun-cil.
  3. An iron-ic ele-ment of the “analy-sis” of the hacks attrib-ut-es the acts to “Fan-cy Bear” and the G.R.U., based on alleged lazi-ness on the part of the alleged per-pe-tra-tors of the phish-ing attack. (Phish-ing attacks are very easy for a skilled actor to car-ry out in rel-a-tive anonymi-ty.) Area 1’s con-clu-sion is based on “pat-tern recog-ni-tion,” which is the embod-i-ment of lazi-ness. We are to believe that the G.R.U./Fancy Bear alleged perp used a “cook-ie cut-ter” approach.

As we have not-ed in many pre-vi-ous broad-casts and posts, cyber attacks are eas-i-ly dis-guised. Per-pe-trat-ing a “cyber false flag” oper-a-tion is dis-turbing-ly easy to do. In a world where the ver-i-fi-ably false and phys-i-cal-ly impos-si-ble “con-trolled demolition”/Truther non-sense has gained trac-tion, cyber false flag ops are all the more threat-en-ing and sin-is-ter.

Now, we learn that the CIA’s hack-ing tools are specif-i-cal-ly craft-ed to mask CIA author-ship of the attacks. Most sig-nif-i-cant-ly, for our pur-pos-es, is the fact that the Agen-cy’s hack-ing tools are engi-neered in such a way as to per-mit the authors of the event to rep-re-sent them-selves as Russ-ian.

” . . . . These tools could make it more dif-fi-cult for anti-virus -pa-nies and foren-sic inves-ti-ga-tors to attribute hacks to the CIA. Could this call the source of pre-vi-ous hacks into ques-tion? It appears that yes, this might be used to dis-guise the CIA’s own hacks to appear as if they were Russ-ian, Chi-nese, or from spe-cif-ic oth-er coun-tries. . . . This might allow a mal-ware cre-ator to not only look like they were speak-ing in Russ-ian or Chi-nese, rather than in Eng-lish, but to also look like they tried to hide that they were not speak-ing Eng-lish . . . .”

This is of para-mount sig-nif-i-cance in eval-u-at-ing the increas-ing-ly neo-McCarthyite New Cold War pro-pa-gan-da about “Russ-ian inter-fer-ence” in the U.S. elec-tion, and Russ-ian author-ship of the high-pro-file hacks.

With Buris-ma at the cen-ter of the impeach-ment pro-ceed-ings in Wash-ing-ton, we note some inter-est-ing rela-tion-ships involv-ing Buris-ma and its board of direc-tors, on which Hunter Biden sits.

Some of the con-sid-er-a-tions to be weighed in that con-text

  1. Buris-ma formed a pro-fes-sion-al rela-tion-ship with the Atlantic Coun-cil in 2017: ” . . . . In 2017, Buris-ma announced that it faced no active pros-e-cu-tion cas-es, then formed a part-ner-ship with the Atlantic Coun-cil, a US think-tank active in pro-mot-ing anti-cor-rup-tion efforts in Ukraine. Buris-ma donat-ed between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Atlantic Coun-cil last year . . . .  Kari-na Zlochevs-ka, Mr. [Buris-ma founder Myko-la] Zlochevsky’s daugh-ter, attend-ed an Atlantic Coun-cil round-table on pro-mot-ing best busi-ness prac-tices as recent-ly as last week. . . .”
  2. The firm had on its board of Buris-ma of both Alek-sander Kwas-niews-ki and Cofer Black. ” . . . .When pros-e-cu-tors began inves-ti-gat-ing Burisma’s licens-es over self-deal-ing alle-ga-tions, Mr Zlochevsky stacked its board with West-ern lumi-nar-ies. . . .  they includ-ed for-mer Pol-ish pres-i-dent Alek-sander Kwas-niews-ki, who had vis-it-ed Ukraine dozens of times as an EU envoy, and  . . . .  ex-Black-wa-ter direc-tor Cofer Black. In Mona-co, where he report-ed-ly lives, Mr Zlochevsky joint-ly organ-is-es an annu-al ener-gy con-fer-ence with Mr Kwasniewski’s foun-da-tion. . . . ”
  3. Kwas-niews-ki was not only the EU’s envoy seek-ing ful-fill-ment of the EU asso-ci-a-tion agree-ment, but a key mem-ber of Paul Man-afort’s Haps-burg Group. The evi-dence about Man-afort work-ing with that assem-blage to maneu-ver Ukraine into the West-ern orbit is exten-sive. Some of the rel-e-vant pro-grams are: FTR #‘s 1008, 1009 (back-ground about the deep pol-i-tics sur-round-ing the Hapsburg–U.S. intel-li-gence alliance) and 1022.That the actu-al Maid-an Coup itself was sparked by a provo-ca-tion fea-tur-ing the lethal snip-ing by OUN/B suc-ces-sor ele-ments is per-sua-sive. Some of the rel-e-vant pro-grams are: FTR #‘s 982, 1023, 1024.
  4. Kwas-niewski’s foun-da-tion’s annu-al ener-gy con-fer-ences bring to mind the Three Seas Ini-tia-tive and the cen-tral role of ener-gy in it. The TSI and the role of ener-gy in same is high-light-ed in the arti-cle at the core of FTR #‘s 1098–1101. In this con-text, note the role of the Atlantic Coun-cil in the TSI and its ener-gy -po-nent, along with the part-ner-ship between Buris-ma and the Atlantic Coun-cil. The TSI and its ener-gy -po-nent, in turn, are a fun-da-men-tal ele-ment of the Inter-mar-i-um Con-ti-nu-ity, the mil-i-tary -po-nent of which is now being cement-ed in the Impeach-ment Cir-cus: ” . . . . Under the men-tor-ship of Jaros?aw Kaczyńs-ki, the new Pol-ish pres-i-dent, Andrzej Duda, elect-ed in 2015, relaunched the idea of a Baltic-Black Sea alliance on the eve of his inau-gu-ra-tion under the label of ‘Three Seas Ini-tia-tive’ (TSI). Orig-i-nal-ly, the project grew out of a debate sparked by a report co-pub-lished by the Atlantic Coun-cil and the EU ener-gy lob-by group Cen-tral Europe Ener-gy Part-ners (CEEP) with the goal of pro-mot-ing big Cen-tral Euro-pean -pa-nies’ inter-ests in the EU.[116] The report, enti-tled -plet-ing Europe—From the North-South Cor-ri-dor to Ener-gy, Trans-porta-tion, and Tele-mu-ni-ca-tions Union, was co-edit-ed by Gen-er-al James L. Jones, Jr., for-mer Supreme Allied -man-der of NATO, U.S. Nation-al Secu-ri-ty Advi-sor, and chair-man of the Atlantic Coun-cil, and Pawel Olech-now-icz, CEO of the Pol-ish oil and gas giant Gru-pa Lotos.[117] It ‘called for the accel-er-at-ed con-struc-tion of a North-South Cor-ri-dor of ener-gy, trans-porta-tion, and -mu-ni-ca-tions links stretch-ing from the Baltic Sea to the Adri-at-ic and Black Seas,’ which at the time was still referred to as the ‘Adri-at-ic-Baltic-Black Sea Ini-tia-tive.’[118] The report was pre-sent-ed in Brus-sels in March 2015, where, accord-ing to Fred-er-ick Kempe, pres-i-dent and CEO of the Atlantic Coun-cil, it ‘gen-er-at-ed a huge amount of excite-ment.’ . . . .”
  5. The pres-ence on the Buris-ma board of Cofer Black “ex”-CIA and the for-mer direc-tor of Erik Prince’s Black-wa-ter out-fit is VERY impor-tant. Erik Prince is the broth-er of Trump Edu-ca-tion Sec-re-tary Bet-sy De Vos and the busi-ness part-ner of John-son Cho Kun Sun, the Hong Kong-based oli-garch who sits on the board of Emer-da-ta, the rein-car-nat-ed Cam-bridge Ana-lyt-i-ca. Both Cofer Black and Alek-sander Kwas-niews-ki are in a posi-tion to pro-vide detailed intel-li-gence about the oper-a-tions of Buris-ma, includ-ing any data that the sup-posed “Russ-ian hack” might reveal.

With the impeach-ment pro-ceed-ings now head-ing toward their most prob-a-ble conclusion–Trump’s acquit-tal– and with the inces-sant bab-ble about the non-exis-tent “Russ-ian inter-fer-ence” in the U.S. elec-tion, it is worth con-tem-plat-ing Amer-i-can inter-fer-ence in Russ-ian pol-i-tics.

Against the back-ground of decades of Amer-i-can-backed and/or ini-ti-at-ed coups over-throw-ing gov-ern-ments around the world, we high-light U.S. sup-port for Boris Yeltsin. Fol-low-ing the NED’s ele-va-tion of Nazi-allied fas-cists in Lithua-nia and the expan-sion of that Gehlen/CFF/GOP milieu inside the for-mer Sovi-et Union cour-tesy of the Free Con-gress Foun-da-tion, the U.S. hoist-ed Yeltsin into the dri-ver’s seat of the new-ly-mint-ed Rus-sia. (One should nev-er for-get that Jef-frey Sachs, a key eco-nom-ic advis-er to Bernie Sanders and Alexan-dria Oca-sio-Cortez head-ed the team that sent the Russ-ian econ-o-my back to the stone age.)

Key points of con-sid-er-a-tion:

  1. ” . . . . . . . . In late 1991, after the fall of the Sovi-et Union, Boris Yeltsin won a year of spe-cial pow-ers from the Russ-ian Par-lia-ment: for one year, he was to be, in effect, the dic-ta-tor of Rus-sia to facil-i-tate the mid-wifery of the birth of a demo-c-ra-t-ic Rus-sia. In March of 1992, under pres-sure from a dis-con-tent-ed pop-u-la-tion, par-lia-ment repealed the dic-ta-to-r-i-al pow-ers it had grant-ed him. Yeltsin respond-ed by declar-ing a state of emer-gency, giv-ing him-self the repealed dic-ta-to-r-i-al pow-ers. Russia’s Con-sti-tu-tion-al Court ruled that Yeltsin was act-ing out-side the con-sti-tu-tion. But the US sided – against the Russ-ian peo-ple and against the Russ-ian Con-sti-tu-tion-al Court – with Yeltsin. . . .”
  2. ” . . . . Yeltsin dis-solved the par-lia-ment that had rescind-ed his pow-ers and abol-ished the con-sti-tu-tion of which he was in vio-la-tion. In a 636–2 vote, the Russ-ian par-lia-ment impeached Yeltsin. But Pres-i-dent Bill Clin-ton again sided with Yeltsin against the Russ-ian peo-ple and Russ-ian law, giv-ing him $2.5 bil-lion in aid. . . .”
  3. ” . . . . Yeltsin took the mon-ey and sent police offi-cers and elite para-troop-ers to sur-round the par-lia-ment build-ing. Clin-ton ‘praised the Russ-ian Pres-i-dent has (sic) hav-ing done ‘quite well’ in man-ag-ing the stand-off with the Russ-ian Par-lia-ment,’ as The New York Times report-ed at the time. Clin-ton added that he thought ‘the Unit-ed States and the free world ought to hang in there’ with their sup-port of Yeltsin against his peo-ple, their con-sti-tu-tion and their courts, and judged Yeltsin to be ‘on the right side of his-to-ry.’ . . .”
  4. ” . . . . On the right side of his-to-ry and armed with machine guns, Yeltsin’s troops opened fire on the crowd of pro-test-ers, killing about 100 peo-ple before set-ting the Russ-ian par-lia-ment build-ing on fire. By the time the day was over, Yeltsin’s troops had killed an uncon-firmed 500 peo-ple and wound-ed near-ly 1,000. Still, Clin-ton stood with Yeltsin. . . .”
  5. ” . . . . In 1996, Amer-i-ca would inter-fere yet again. With elec-tions loom-ing, Yeltsin’s pop-u-lar-i-ty was nonex-is-tent, and his approval rat-ing was at about 6 per-cent. Accord-ing to Pro-fes-sor Emer-i-tus of Russ-ian Stud-ies at Prince-ton, Stephen Cohen, Clinton’s inter-fer-ence in Russ-ian pol-i-tics, his ‘cru-sade’ to ‘reform Rus-sia,’ had by now bee offi-cial pol-i-cy. And, so, Amer-i-ca bold-ly inter-fered direct-ly in Russ-ian elec-tions. Three Amer-i-can polit-i-cal con-sul-tants, receiv-ing ‘direct assis-tance from Bill Clinton’s White House,’ secret-ly ran Yeltsin’s re-elec-tion cam-paign. As Time mag-a-zine broke the sto-ry, ‘For four months, a group of Amer-i-can polit-i-cal con-sul-tants clan-des-tine-ly par-tic-i-pat-ed in guid-ing Yeltsin’s cam-paign.’ ‘Fund-ed by the U.S. gov-ern-ment,’ Cohen reports, Amer-i-cans ‘gave mon-ey to favored Russ-ian politi-cians, instruct-ed min-is-ters, draft-ed leg-is-la-tion and pres-i-den-tial decrees, under-wrote text-books, and served at Yeltsin’s reelec-tion head-quar-ters in 1996.’ . . . .”
  6. ” . . . . Then ambas-sador to Rus-sia Thomas Pick-er-ing even pres-sured an oppos-ing can-di-date to drop out of the elec-tion to improve Yeltsin’s odds of win-ning. . . .”
  7. ” . . . . The US not only helped run Yeltsin’s cam-paign, they helped pay for it. The US backed a $10.2 bil-lion Inter-na-tion-al Mon-e-tary Fund (IMF) loan for Rus-sia, the sec-ond-biggest loan the IMF had ever giv-en. The New York Times report-ed that the loan was ‘expect-ed to be help-ful to Pres-i-dent Boris N. Yeltsin in the pres-i-den-tial elec-tion in June.’ . . .”


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